Respecting Limitations on Government Power
When I look at a bill in Richmond I ask 4 questions:
1. Is this bill constitutional?
2. Does the scope of the bill fall within the proper roles and responsibilities of the government?
3. What level of government is the appropriate one to address the issue?
4. Does the proposed bill protect individual liberty and private property rights?
Respecting Life
The first right is your right to life. Without it all other rights are meaningless. I will continue to carry pro life legislation and vote to ensure that we respect the sanctity of life from beginning to natural end!
Respecting Your Right To Defend Yourself
The 2nd Amendment and Article 1 Section 13 o the Virginia Constitution make it very clear that you have an individual right to own and carry firearms, both for your protection and the protection of a free state. As the current chairman of the sub committee which reviews all firearm related legislation, I am committed to ensuring the preservation of your constitutionally protected rights.
Respecting Private Property Rights
The right to do what you want with your property is essential to being free. Constant government interference in what you can do with your property whether it be your home, farm, or business is a problem, and I will continue to fight for regulatory reform that ensures respect for your rights.
Respecting YOUR Tax Dollars
Tax dollars are your dollars. Taxes should be as low as possible, fair as possible and only collected for the purpose of fulfilling legitimate functions of government.
Respecting Your Rights as a Parent
Parental Rights have been enshrined into Virginia code, because we realize that your children do not belong to the state. It is both the right and responsibility of parents to direct the care, education and upbringing of your children and I will fight to ensure that the government respects that important role.
Respecting Free Markets
Political freedom without economic freedom has never worked. One of the primary jobs of a representative is not only to protect your access to the ballot box but to preserve your ability to engage in a vibrant and free market! Because after all, most of the challenges you face in your life are not solved by meddling politicians, but by free people working together within the market place!
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