NEW: Spanberger provided “intel” that funded Iranian terrorist regime with taxpayer money

Last week Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger revealed for the first time exactly what she did during her time in the CIA. During a closed-door forum, Spanberger bragged about gathering the intel that informed the Obama Administration before they signed the infamous Iran Deal that sent pallets of cash to the terrorist-supporting regime in Iran that was funding and arming terrorist groups going after American soldiers.

Not only this, but she bragged about how her intelligence made the American people “safer.”

This morning, Nick exposed this story because he knows firsthand who this Iran deal didn’t make safer.

The Obama Administration under the Iran Nuclear deal gave over $1 billion in US tax dollars to a terrorist-supporting regime in Iran that was actively working to kill American servicemen and women.

The fact that Abigail Spanberger would brag about this in front of a combat veteran who lost friends by munitions sent into Iraq from Iran is despicable.

7th District voters deserve to know the truth about Spanberger’s record in the CIA. Her support for the Iran Deal, coupled with her condemnation of President Trump’s efforts to undo this agreement, speaks volumes about her lack of judgment and ability to properly represent this district and its thousands of veterans in Congress.

If Abigail Spanberger thinks dropping off pallets of cash funded by US taxpayers to a terrorist-supporting regime that is actively targeting our service members is a good idea, then she lacks the judgment needed to serve in Congress, especially on the Foreign Affairs Committee like she is currently.

Watch Nick’s video statement on this story here.

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-Team Freitas