Nick Freitas Challenges Congresswoman Spanberger To A Series Of Five Debates

Today, Nick Freitas sent the following letter to Congresswoman Spanberger, challenging her to a series of five debates across the months of September and October.

August 20, 2020

Congresswoman Spanberger,

I am writing you today to cordially invite you to join me for a series of five debates across the months of September and October.

These five debates should include three issue-specific debates on the subjects of health care, the economy, and criminal justice/public safety. These debates would be hosted and moderated by agreed upon individuals or organizations and any of the debates that are held in person, must be geographically distributed throughout Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

Suggested Timeline:

  1. Between September 1st-5th (General Debate)
  2. Between September 14th-19th (Health Care Debate)
  3. Between September 28th-October 3rd (Criminal Justice/Public Safety Debate)
  4. Between October 12th-17th (Economic Debate)
  5. Between October 26th-31st (General Debate)

Knowing that the voters of Virginia’s 7th District have limited opportunities to safely meet the candidates in person during the 2020 election, it is of the utmost importance that we provide as many opportunities and venues for the voters to hear from the candidates as possible.

Please let us know if you are in agreement with the broad details of the debate series and we will be more than happy to work together with your campaign in making all of the necessary arrangements.


Delegate Nick Freitas