Washington Examiner: Top GOP Candidate In Virginia ‘toss-up’ Contest Slams Democratic Incumbent’s Politically Calculated’ Endorsement

The top Republican challenger in Virginia’s toss-up 7th Congressional District ripped incumbent Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger over her latest endorsement in the 2020 Democratic presidential contest.

Nick Freitas, a former Green Beret who has made a name for himself in Virginia politics as a brash and outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment, said Spanberger’s endorsement of Biden was “politically calculated” after the Democrat tweeted on Monday that she was “proud” to vote for Sen. Amy Klobuchar in the Virginia primary.

“If you supported Klobuchar, why did you wait until she dropped out to say so?” Freitas asked on Twitter. “If you support Biden now, why did you wait until he won VA to actually endorse him? Is any decision you make genuine? … or is it all going to be politically calculated?”

Klobuchar dropped out of the presidential race on Monday and endorsed Biden at a rally in Dallas.

On Tuesday, the Cook Political Report changed its ranking of the district from “lean Democratic” to “toss-up,” citing Freitas’s candidacy and Spanberger’s vote to impeach President Trump on two articles of abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

“Nick Freitas is the candidate to beat Abigail Spanberger and hold her to account for joining Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment sham,” Freitas’s campaign manager Joe Desilates told the Culpeper Star-Exponent.

The primary election is scheduled for June 9 but the Republican party intends to select its candidate at their convention on April 25 in Richmond, where nine GOP candidates are set to face off, according to Ballotpedia. The general election will be on Nov. 3.

The 7th Congressional District race is considered one of the highest-profile contests in Virginia after Spanberger ousted Republican David Brat in the historically Republican stronghold. Brat wrested control of the district from then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in 2014, a victory due in part to the emergence of the Tea Party movement, which helped Brat’s nontraditional campaign capitalize on disenfranchised voters.

Freitas, who narrowly lost to Republican Corey Stewart in Virginia’s Senate primary in 2018, has raised more than a half-million dollars from more than 3,000 individual donors across all 50 states, the campaign said Tuesday. Known for his libertarian-leaning conservatism, Freitas has received major endorsements from Republican Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee, and Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

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