7th District Local Elected and GOP Leaders Endorse Freitas

Culpeper, VA – This morning, Republican Nick Freitas, a former Green Beret combat veteran and Republican candidate for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District announced the endorsements of local elected and Republican Party leaders from localities across the 7th District.

Today’s Endorsements:

Scott Jenkins, Culpeper County Sheriff
Mark Amos, Orange County Sheriff
Paul Walther, Culpeper County Commonwealth Attorney
Tom Underwood, Culpeper County Supervisor
Susan Lascolette, Goochland County Supervisor
Duane Adams, Louisa County Supervisor
James Crozier, Orange County Supervisor
Nate Clancy, Culpeper County School Board
Marshall Keene, Culpeper County GOP Chair and School Board
Jordan Marshall, Orange County GOP Chair
Keith Brown, Culpeper Town Council
Jon Russell, Culpeper Town Council
Tim Bosford, Orange Town Council
Kent Higginbotham, Former Orange Town Council

Nick Freitas stated the following regarding the endorsements:

“I have been proud to work alongside these great conservative leaders and many others across the 7th District and today I am excited to announce that they are joining our fight to take back the 7th District. We need conservative leadership at all levels of government, and I look forward to partnering with these conservative leaders and many others.”

Duane Adams, Vice-Chair of the Louisa County Board of Supervisors stated the following about his endorsement:

“We need people in Washington that will not only vote the right way, but that can effectively argue for our conservative principles. I have seen Nick debate on the House floor in Richmond and he is a force to be reckoned with.”

Culpeper County Republican Chairman and School Board Member Marshall Keene gave the following quote about his endorsement:

“I have always been able to depend on Nick Freitas to stand by what he says. It’s easy for politicians to promise to be strong and then turn once they get elected. After 4 years in the General Assembly and thousands of votes Nick has proven himself time and again. That is why I trust him to represent us in Congress.”

Today’s endorsements follow the release of the following endorsements over the past two days:

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (KY)
U.S. Senator Mike Lee (UT)
U.S. Congressman Ben Cline (VA-06)
VA Senator Bryce Reeves (VA-17)
VA Delegate Michael Webert (VA-18)
VA Delegate Brenda Pogge (VA-96)
Conservative Leader and Businessman Pete Snyder

Club for Growth PAC
FreedomWorks for America