What Is A Convention Delegate?


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What is a convention?

In the Virginia Republican Party, we have several different methods of choosing our nominees for different offices. The method that the 7th District Republican Committee has chosen is a convention. In this process, each of the 10 counties that make up the 7th District will send delegates to one central location in the district where they will vote for who they want to be our Republican nominee against Abigail Spanberger.

what does it take to be a convention delegate?

1. File a simple form before the deadline

To be a convention delegate you must file a simple form with your local Republican Party Committee before their deadline. Each county’s form and deadlines can be found on the left side of your screen.

There are three ways to turn your form in:

  • Attend a delegate filing party and meet Nick before filling out your paperwork. At these events, team Freitas will have each county’s paperwork available. We’ll even turn your form in with your county committee for you if you attend. 
  • Deliver your paperwork to the specified individual at the bottom of your county’s form before the deadline. 
  • Or contact Team Freitas to schedule a meet up with one of our team members to ensure your form is turned in on time. 

Please let us know you would like to be a convention delegate in the “Sign Up To Be A Convention Delegate” form above so we can keep you up to date on all important details!

2. Attend the District Convention on April 25th and Vote for Nick

In order to have a say in who our Republican nominee going against Abigail Spanberger is, you must show up and vote at the District Convention after filing your form to be a delegate. Our team is ready and able to assist in making any arrangements you might need to be able to attend the convention. So if you need help with transportation to Richmond or need help in any other way in order to attend, please let us know soon so we can assist however we can!

who can be a convention delegate?

Any registered voter in the 7th District can be a convention delegate. However, this is a process for Republican voters to select their nominee, so if you have a history of voting in Democratic primaries in recent years there may be additional steps you need to take to show that you no longer align with the Democrat Party.