Nick Freitas Announces “Day One” Endorsements From Conservative Leaders In Virginia

Culpeper, VA – This morning, Republican Nick Freitas, a former Green Beret combat veteran and Republican candidate for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District announced the endorsements of Virginia Congressman Ben Cline (VA-06), Virginia Senator Bryce Reeves (VA-17), Virginia Delegate Mike Webert (VA-18), Virginia Delegate Brenda Pogge (VA-96), and conservative leader and businessman Pete Snyder.

Nick Freitas stated the following about the endorsements:

“During my time as a grassroots activist and then as a member of the House of Delegates, I have been proud to fight alongside these great conservative leaders and many others as we have stood up for the Second Amendment, right to life, and fought to cut burdensome regulations and government spending. I’m honored to have their endorsements on ‘Day One’ as we fight to take back Virginia’s 7th District.”

Congressman Ben Cline stated the following in making his endorsement:

“Nick has never wavered in his support for life and liberty. I’m offering my complete endorsement for Nick as the Republican Nominee for the 7th District and look forward to him joining me in the Virginia Delegation to the House of Representatives.” Virginia Senator

Bryce Reeves stated the following in making his endorsement:

“Today I am proud to announce my full support and endorsement of Nick Freitas for Congress. I would encourage you to do the same. You see Nick and I share the same values. Those values come from the fact that both he and I are Army Rangers. To some that means nothing, but to those who wear or have worn the cloth of our country, it means a great deal. You see surrender is not in his vocabulary and the bond that we share only comes from an understanding of what leadership really means and the sacrifices associated with it. He knows that freedom prospers when individual freedom is vibrant, fairness exists, and liberty remains paramount. He is a combat leader and has born the burden of war. He is a fighter and that is what we need in Washington now more than ever.”

Conservative leader and businessman Pete Snyder stated the following in making his endorsement:

“If we’re going to succeed here in Virginia in 2020, we need proven conservatives that have what it takes to win. In the7th District, Nick Freitas is both a proven conservative and a proven winner.I’m proud to offer Nick my wholehearted endorsement and complete support.”